Henry’s Pro Grade Silicone and the Future

Well its been a good minute since we’ve updated the information here on our site… and quite frankly that’s because we’ve been so busy helping out folks with new silicone installations. Starting back in spring of 2018 we moved away from our exclusive relationship with Gaco Western, while we do still carry their silicone products we are no longer exclusively a Gaco Western Applicator. We have spent a fair amount of our...

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Gaco S2000 (S20) Solvent-Free Silicone Roof Coating

Petroleum Free Gaco S-2000 is a non-sacrificial, solvent-free silicone roof coating. S-2000 is class A fire rated, with 84% reflectance, 93% emittance, and limited dirt pickup. Sharing the same chemical backbone as sand, S-2000 demonstrates excellent physical properties.  Non-sacrificial means it won’t break down over time, so the same number of “mils” applied today won’t reduce or wear away tomorrow. Solventless S-2000...

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