Henry’s Pro Grade Silicone and the Future

Posted by on September 23, 2018 | 0 comments

Well its been a good minute since we’ve updated the information here on our site… and quite frankly that’s because we’ve been so busy helping out folks with new silicone installations. Starting back in spring of 2018 we moved away from our exclusive relationship with Gaco Western, while we do still carry their silicone products we are no longer exclusively a Gaco Western Applicator. We have spent a fair amount of our time testing GE, APOC, and Henry Silicone solutions for our customers.

As a result of this testing we’ve decided to make the Henry Pro-Grade silicone our preferred product line. We still prefer some Gaco products for different steps in our application process and will be going forward with them in the future.

What this means for Our customers is a better 100% silicone membrane using the best materials, regardless of branding. As New Mexico’s foremost silicone experts we’re proud to bring forward what we see as the most current and best silicone system for our customers roofs.


Unfortunately getting lots of new customers can slow down the flow of information… we will have the site fully updated by this winter to reflect or current system and give our new customers the most up to date info on silicone roofing as a whole.




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